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General Roofing Installations

In addition to our ultra modern membranes, green roofs and roofline we also supply and install traditional classics including tile, slate, felt and asphalt.

Different roofing products come with a variety of specific demands, requirements, advantages and disadvantages which only a true specialist can really understand and apply effectively. By employing a widely skilled team of roof covering specialists who know different materials in depth, we can ensure that every installation of any product is always carried out by a highly specialised expert.

For your added peace of mind, all our installations are covered by an insurance backed 10 or 15 year guarantee, so no matter what kind of roof or product you can be sure of quality installation to the highest standards.

We provide a wide range of general roofing services, from PV solar heating to slate roofing and felt roofing, that are perfect for any property so give the experts a call today on 0203 7055660. One of our roofing contractors will be on hand to provide you with everything you need so you are assured to receive the high quality roof you desire. We will even arrange a no obligation quotation and survey at your convenience.

Slate and tile roofing

We bring in a wide variety of natural slate and tile roofing systems to match your current roof or those of the buildings around you. Each project begins with a complete clearance of the old material and any necessary reparations to the roof beneath. This sets everything up for the tile or slate roofing to then be installed. It is a simple and easy process to add roofline items such as uPVC soffits and fascias and any type of guttering that is required.

Slate and tile roofing is very stylish and durable which explains why it is such a common choice for homeowners and commercial businesses. It has a variety of benefits while also retaining a stunning look for many years. Even if a few tiles or slates become damaged, it is a simple job to replace them and your home looks as good as new.

Asphalt and felt roofing

Time honoured coverings especially for flat commercial and residential roofs, asphalt and felt today offer a versatile range of options. Multi layer protection, enhanced thermal performance if fitted with insulations to building regulations, superb tensile strength and resistance to roof traffic, weather resistance and high levels of adaptability to fit to any unusual shape or configuration make the materials highly practical and cost effective.

Sheet lead roofing/repairs

From complete roofs to flashings Advanced Roofing employs highly specialised sheet lead tradesmen who work purely on sheet lead projects, fitting to British Lead Development Association specifications. Our team supply and install lead slates and outlets, back gutters, lead aprons, chimney cavity trays, bay roofs, dormer and scallop lead any lead detail required.

Refurbishing more than 25% of the roof? Keep Part L in mind!

New roofing regulations known as Part L require that when any roof has more than 25% repaired, replaced or refurbished, the entire roof must be brought up to the latest thermal efficiency guidelines. Roofing insulation is one of the most cost effective ways to achieve this although addition of a green layer to flat roofs can also improve your insulation and bring other environmental benefits.

No matter what your requirements for roofing products and their installation put it in the hands of the specialists at Advanced Roofing and Advisory Services; contact us today and we can arrange a no obligation survey and quotation with one of our experienced team.

Based in Fulham, we provide a wide range of slate, tile, asphalt and felt roofing solutions across London. Some projects in the past has taken us as far afield as Harrow, Epsom, Edgware, Wembley, Hounslow, Bromley, Paddington, Soho, Hayes, Watford, Croydon, Chelsea, Richmond, Knightsbridge, Sutton, Kensington, City of London, Greenford, Shepherds Bush, Twickenham, Mayfair and Kingston upon Thames.