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Green Roofing

Example of green roofing

As the environment and conservation continue to gain importance in the home and the workplace we have continued developing greener products and services to meet modern demands.

Well insulated green roofing can save energy, and we enjoy offering homeowners and businesses a specialist roofing insulation service which uses modern materials to trap heat loss from the inside, and cold coming in from outside and reduce energy consumption better than ever before. Other times a green roof can be something much more literal, such as an entire wildflower meadow in place of a typical commercial flat roof!

Green roof on tall London building

In highly developed countries such as the UK, most of the space is taken up by towns and single crop farmland, whilst most birds and insects prefer the diversity offered by a simple natural wildflower meadow; something so rare now that bumblebees are going extinct, threatening our agricultural systems. Converting your barren flat roof into a meadow gives nature back the land your building has taken up, providing oases for our winged wildlife.

We take advantage of the four-in-one ANS Green Roof Module, a clever interlocking system which is ideally installed on top of a Wolfin roof membrane and flat roof insulating board for maximum improvement in energy conservation. The modules include a water retention reservoir, drainage filter and deep layer of soil ideal for grasses and wildflowers which are already pre-grown for a truly instant result.

If you are looking for green roofing, our roofers are some of the best. They utilise years of experience to provide a professional installation on all our green roofing systems, just give us a call today on 0203 7055660. We will go through your requirements, provide helpful, friendly advice and will arrange for your FREE no obligation quotation and survey.

Quick and Efficient Roof Repairs and Maintenance

A real beauty of the system is the ongoing practicality; accessing the roof itself for inspections or repairs is a simple case of lifting out any one of the interlocking squares. This means the roofers can easily and quickly access the roof to inspect the system and perform any repairs that you might need.

Our roofers are highly experienced in installing, maintaining and repairing green roofing systems. They are  stunning to look at, environmentally friendly and are very simple and easy to install meaning disruption is kept to a minimum.

Simple technology, low cost

Easy to transport, quick to install and all-in-one in nature, the Green Roof Module system makes creation of a green roofing easier and cheaper than ever before, with ongoing savings to your heating bill thanks to the improved insulation brought by the soil layer.

Whatever your green roofing needs speak to the experts at Advanced Roofing and Advisory Services; contact us today and we can arrange a no obligation survey and quotation with one of our friendly team.

Based in Fulham, we have had many projects that have required our green roofing services which has taken us all over London. This roofing work has taken us to a wide range of places, encompassing Croydon, Edgware, Bromley, Chelsea, Richmond, Knightsbridge, Sutton, Paddington, Kensington, Harrow, Hounslow, Greenford, Watford, Shepherds Bush, Epsom, Soho, Twickenham, Mayfair, Hayes, Kingston upon Thames, Wembley and green roofing projects have taken us far afield to the city of London.