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Hard Metal Roofing

Copper Metal Roofing

Offering aesthetically pleasing features while providing a strong and durable roofline, our hard metal roofs are ideal for both commercial and domestic properties and all new build projects.

Able to cover a variety of different buildings, our hard metal roofing services are highly durable and guaranteed as they are fitted by fully skilled metal roofing specialists. Our roofs are both very strong and cost effective; giving you the perfect solution for any of your metal roofing requirements.

Many industrial properties across Fulham and South West London have received high quality metal roofing systems that have been installed by our specialist roofers. They have worked in this industry for many years and have installed metal roofing to many properties in the past. You are assured to receive nothing, but the very best and highest quality solution.

Our specialists are on hand to provide you with information you need on our range of roofing services; just give us a call today on 0203 7055660. We will arrange a no obligation quotation and free property visit at your convenience. Your hard metal roofing will create a strong roof for your property.

Our hard metal roofing range: Aluminium, Copper, Zinc

Aluminium Metal Roofing

An aesthetically pleasing alternative to many other options on the market, our aluminium roofs and hard metal roofing services are ideal for customers wanting a modern and attractive roof finish for all commercial, domestic and new build projects.

Entirely bespoke, our aluminium roofs are made to measure to your exact specifications and sizes. They are fitted by roofing specialist fitters and as well as being strong, they are incredibly durable and can also be matched to your existing property so that the aesthetically pleasing features of your business or home are maintained. When looking for hard metal roofing services; get it done by the specialists. We ensure everything is fitted to your exact requirements and is made to last.

Copper Metal Roofing

Offering customers a hard metal finish for their commercial, domestic property or new build project, our copper roofing is fitted to last and provided with a 10 year insurance backed guarantee. Our team go above and beyond to provide high quality hard metal roofing solutions so you know that you have a long lasting and durable roof.

Able to stand up to the elements and with a high level of wind resistance, our copper roofing is incredibly cost effective and used on a variety of different buildings, including church roofs, public buildings and private homes. Our copper roofing can perfectly complement your existing property and has proved to be very popular over the years.

Zinc Metal Roofing

Slowly becoming more and more popular in the industry, zinc roofing is ideal for residential properties and its corrosion resistance and environmentally friendly features ensure that it is also incredibly cost effective.

Available in a variety of different colours and finishes, our zinc roofing offers domestic and commercial customers with a modern and aesthetically pleasing roofline that will last for many years to come. We make sure that our range of metal roofing services create a spectacular new roof for your property that is customised to your requirements while also offering extensive durability for many years.

Based in Fulham, we provide homeowners and commercial properties with metal roofing services all across South West London. We have provided our metal roofing services across a wide range of locations, including Paddington, Mayfair, Edgware, Wembley, Croydon, Twickenham, Chelsea, Hounslow, Sutton, Bromley, Knightsbridge, Watford, Greenford, Richmond, Kingston upon Thames, Hayes, Shepherds Bush, Kensington, Harrow, City of London, Epsom and Soho.

For more information about our ranges of hard metal roofs, please do not hesitate to speak to the specialists here at Advanced Roofing and Advisory Service. Contact us today to discuss your requirements with one of our helpful and friendly team.