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Roof Terraces And Balconies

Ever more popular throughout London, balconies and roof terraces make wonderful additions to apartments when space is tight, and we can offer a wide range of services to make sure yours is finished beautifully.

We’ve worked creating green roofs and high strength flat roofs able to handle considerable foot traffic for years, and our services are increasingly asked for to create new terraces, cover balconies and to make good damaged or worn installations which have sprung leaks.

Call us today on 0203 7055660 to go through your own requirements for your very own roof terraces or roof balconies. Our flat roofing specialists are on hand to provide you with any information you may need on our roofing/terrace services so you know exactly what you will receive. We will even arrange a no obligation visit and quotation at your convenience so our experts can ensure you receive the best service.

Roof terrace in London

Roof terraces

A fantastic use of space, roof terraces can be created simply to give you a clear view of the sky or to create something closer to a traditional garden, and our expertise with green roofs, roof membranes and felt and asphalt flat roofs means our team can give you a comprehensive service. We change your current roof into an astonishing roof terrace that you can use however you see fit. Just speak with our roofers today and we will go through your requirements.

Roof terraces bring a lot of foot traffic onto the roof and often items like garden chairs, plant pots and decking which all too often puncture through an inadequate roof covering creating a big problem. Our roof terraces aren’t just about a nice finish, we make sure we get the job done right where you can’t see it so easily; ensuring the right kind of covering goes in the right type of place to keep everything strong and water tight no matter how often it is used.

During this process, we can even add extra insulation to your current roof, using high density boarding that sits on top of the roof structure, installed below the roof covering, keeping you warmer in winter and cooler in summer.

Finishing in a wide choice of options such as tiling, decking, fake grass or a true green roof, we can create just the kind of terrace you want to get the full enjoyment of your property.

Roof balconies


Why restrict the use of your balcony to perfect summer days? Adding a roof covering is a straightforward process and our high standards ensure it looks great and keeps you sheltered from even the worst of the British weather!

Based in Fulham, we have built and installed roof terraces and balconies all across South West London. We have installed roof balconies in a variety of locations which includes Mayfair, Sutton, Hayes, Hounslow, Edgware, Twickenham, Soho, Bromley, Paddington, Watford, Chelsea, Richmond, Epsom, City of London, Kensington, Greenford, Wembley, Croydon, Knightsbridge, Kingston upon Thames, Shepherds Bush and Harrow.

Get the most out of your property, from a roofing contractor with the expertise and quality standards to guarantee you work that won’t let you down, to learn more about our services, or to arrange a full survey and quotation, speak to our team today throughout central and south west London.