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Durable, Long Lasting Sheet Lead Roofing

Sheet Lead Roofing London

A highly specialised service in modern roofing, our London team includes roofers with decades of expertise in fitting, installing and maintaining sheet lead roofing.

Lead roofing is an easy job to do badly, so we employ specialist sheet lead experts who work purely on our lead roofing projects, guaranteeing our customers exceptional standards of work completed to specifications and benchmarks laid out by the British Lead Development Association.

Still one of the most diverse roofing materials you can use, professionally installed sheet lead can be worked and formed to carry out a wide range of services for you. Our specialist sheet lead roofers will deliver all of them giving you a truly comprehensive and high quality lead roof covering.

All of our sheet lead roofing work is carried out within an extensive insurance policy that goes beyond simple public liability to include specialist hot flame work. Installing lead roofs requires extensive use of oxy-acetylene torches which are rarely covered under standard insurance policies. Our expertise in the area, and use of dedicated lead roofers from our team to carry the work out, means that we are fully covered for hot flame work.

Working throughout central and south west London the range of sheet lead roofing products we can create and fit includes;

  • Lead Slates
  • Outlets
  • Back gutters
  • Lead aprons
  • Chimney back gutters
  • Bay roofs
  • Dormer cheeks, tops, reveals, cills
  • Scallop lead
  • Any sheet lead detailing

Whether you need a complete sheet lead roof installed, refurbished, repaired and maintained or some simple flashings fitted, Advanced Roofing offer an exceptional service to commercial and domestic clients throughout central and South West London. Our projects have taken us to Wembley, Bromley, Croydon, Harrow, Sutton, Hayes, Greenford, Mayfair, Knightsbridge, Hounslow, Chelsea, Kingston upon Thames, Edgware, Richmond, Kensington, Twickenham, Epsom, Paddington, Soho, Watford, City of London and Shepherds Bush.

Guarantee yourself the very best standard of work; contact us today for a complete survey and quotation.

The images below are lead flashings being fitted to a walk on glass roof.

Installation of Lead Roofing
Finished Installation of Sheet Lead Roofing