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The Difference Between Tile and Slate Roofing

Slate roofs

Tiles and Slates are quite similar and can be easily confused when new buyers are looking for a roof covering. We are here to ensure you choose the right roof covering that best suits you and your budget.

High quality roofing materials are what give properties protection from water leaks and weather damage while also ensuring the roof remains durable for years to come. Tiles and slates are no different. They boast great resilience ensuring a longer lifetime and are weather resistant to stop the likelihood of leaks. You benefit greatly from these roof coverings while also getting a beautiful look to your home.

Tile and slate roofing are a very common roof covering used by both domestic and commercial businesses throughout the UK. They boast great strength, weather resistance and are generally visually appealing on most roofs. However, depending on your budget, style of house and preference, you will have to make a decision between using slates or getting tiles installed.

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What is the difference between slate and tile roofing?

The main difference between the two types of roof coverings is that slate is a natural material that can be used directly as a roof covering. It is a luxurious touch to any home and is perfect for traditional homes. However, this does also mean you will have to stretch your budget for a complete installation. If you can get past the price, you will receive a high quality roo that won't need replacing for a long time and any repairs can easily be covered by us.

Tiles are made from either concrete or clay and can come in a range of colours with a variety of designs. Tiles are more customisable and are easily tailored around your requirements, design preferences and your property. They still boast great durability and when installed by a professional team of roofers, they are made to last.

Slate roofing

Why choose slate roofing?

Natural slates are made from a metamorphic rock that is split into thin layers. These are then cut to shape and fitted to your roof to create a beautiful, long lasting and resilient covering. This does make them more expensive, but the stunning and authentic look, perfect for traditional homes, makes it worthwhile. Natural slate roofing is not the only option either, there is also artificial and zinc slate roofing as well.

Slate roofing comes with a variety of benefits including good fire protection, a stunning appearance and doesn't suffer from rot and insect damage. Like tile roofing, slating is available in different shades, textures and patterns to ensure there is something that best suits the look of your property.

Depending on style preference, the slate roofing can either be installed flat or layered. Doing this does make the roof look more pleasant, however, it does lower the wind resistance of the roof. It would end up leading to possible issues with the slates moving or breaking. This can be easily resolved by our professional team of roofers that will repair the issue quickly.

Tile roofing

Why choose tile roofing?

As mentioned already, tiles are made from either concrete or clay and are available in a wide range of designs and colours. Slating is more commonly seen and used on traditional houses whereas tile roofing is ideal for modern properties.

Tiles come with a very long life expectancy so you won't have to worry about a replacement for a very long time. Clay tiles are a common roof covering as they are quick and easy to install while also retaining a high durability.

Concrete tiles are still highly effective and retain the benefits of clay tiles. This are available as a plan or interlocking roof covering and come in larger sizes than clay. This does mean that homes with skylights or chimneys will need to use clay tiles as they are smaller and easier to fit around these structures.

Let us help you choose the best slate or tile roofing for your home

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