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Solar Batteries

Lux solar battery

A truly bespoke solar battery supply and installation service that is tailored to each customer's needs.

Take control of your power usage with one of the most intelligent, affordable and versatile solar PV storage solutions currently on the market. With rising electricity tariffs, it makes more sense than ever to invest in solar batteries to store the energy that's wasted through the grid.

Not only will our solar PV system power your house during the evening, but it will work alongside your existing system during the day when there isn't quite enough power from the PV panels on the roof to meet the full demands of your home. This keeps your power on when you need it most.

All of our solar batteries and inverters come with a 10 year warranty and are able to be wired in parallel to other LUX units to increase your energy output.

If you would like to learn more about our solar batteries and solar PV panels, then call us today on 02037 055660, or get in touch with us through our contact form to arrange your free, no obligation quotation and property survey. Discuss the requirements for your solar batteries and we will offer you our unbiased, impartial advice as to the best solution for your home.


Our supply and installation of high quality solar batteries includes:

  • Supply & Installation of AC battery storage system
  • 1 x Lux Powertek 3.6kw Charge & Discharge rate AC Coupled Inverter / charge controller
  • 2 x Pylontech US2000+ batteries (4.8kwh capacity in total)
  • All Cables, fuses & Switchgear
  • Current transformer clamps
  • WiFi remote app includes remote monitoring & remote upgrades
  • 10 year warranty on Inverter & batteries
  • EPS ready

An EPS circuit & manual changeover switch can be installed at extra cost in case of grid failure to keep your critical loads such as lights and fridges running.

Interior Lux Battery

The LUX Powertek AC coupled inverter can also be installed alongside any existing solar PV systems to store excess power that is generated. This means you won't lose the power you generate from your solar batteries during the day if you don't use it all. If preferred, it can also be set to charge on economy 7 at cheaper tariff times, so that you are able to discharge when the grid price is high. Your solar batteries will be AC coupled, meaning they will not affect your feed in tariff.


Lux solar battery panel

Your solar batteries will store enough energy to keep your power on during a power cut, as well as at night and during low sunlight hours. Where the LUX really shines is in its monitoring platform that gives you the power to control when the inverter charges or discharges. This also allows the installer remote access to the system and the ability to upgrade and install system firmware as it updates.

We offer a simple and efficient installation that will cause as little disruption to your daily life as possible and will be finished in under a day, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of your solar batteries straight away.


Lux solar battery

As part of our exceptional service, we also offer fault finding, inverter replacement, upgrades and maintenance on existing PV systems, solar panels and solar batteries. Alongside this, Pylontech US2000+ cabinets and mountain brackets are provided at an extra cost.

Based in London, we offer our highly professional and experienced solar battery supply and installation service to domestic and commercial customers across London. We have recently installed solar batteries for clients in and around Edgware, Hounslow, Shepherds Bush, Wembley, Greenford, Harrow, Hayes, Kingston upon Thames, Croydon, Paddington, Chelsea, City of London, Kensington, Bromley, Knightsbridge, Watford, Sutton, Mayfair, Twickenham, Richmond, Soho and Epsom.

To found out more about the solar batteries we supply and install, call today on 02037 055660, or visit our contact page for more information and to arrange your free, no obligation quotation with a friendly and professional member of our team.