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PV Solar Panels

Photovoltaic solar panels are the ultimate in energy efficiency, converting sunlight into electricity for use anywhere around your home or business.

PV solar heating panels offer the ultimate in usability; fit enough and you could power all your energy requirements by using all electric appliances, and just like our solar heating panels, there are better financial incentives than ever to knock down your energy bills with a solar panel installation. Our comprehensive service includes a full survey, recommendations and advice, fitting of the latest solar roof tiles from Monier Redland and full connection of solar power to your mains and the National Grid.

PV Solar Panels

The combination of Monier and Redland means decades of expertise in solar panels and roofing to create one of the best combinations available in the UK. Designed to the same shape and size as the most popular roofing tiles, the solar tiles do not sit on top of the roof, they become the roof itself for a really crisp and clean finish. Working through even cloudy conditions Monier Redland PV tiles are guaranteed for 25 years and connect through a transformer to any household mains system.

Roof Solar Panel

Everyone knows that a solar panel installation will bring down your energy bills, but recent legislation means there is even more of an incentive now with government set feed-in tariffs paying you 41p per Kwh generated, a rate guaranteed to you for the next 25 years. Over time, that tariff is going to drop down encouraging people to buy solar now and reap the benefits of becoming a miniature green power station!

PV Solar Panels

Photovoltaic panels are made up of material that reacts to the photons in sunlight to produce electricity. These photons can still make it through cloud so your system will be generating electricity all the time the sun is up, (just think about your solar powered calculator that can work with almost any amount of light) and feeding any surplus back into the national grid, your electricity supplier will have to pay you for that too!

The government tariff is so generous and guaranteed to early sign ups for at least 25 years, with reductions on your current energy bill guaranteed and more income coming in from any surplus energy you create an average 2.5Kw home installation can generate over £1000 per year. Considering many PV solar heating panels installed in the 1960’s are still working just fine today your solar tiles could generate tens of thousands of pounds over their lifetime, easily paying for themselves within 10 years.

Our customers are pleased with the PV solar heating panels they receive that meets all of their requirements and ensure they have the heating they need. However we also provide a wide range of PV solar panels that are perfect for everyone’s requirements and save you a lot of money. Based in Fulham, we provide roofing services across a wide range of areas, encompassing Sutton, Mayfair, Chelsea, Watford, Greenford, Richmond, Kingston upon Thames, Paddington, Hounslow, Bromley, Hayes, Shepherds Bush, Edgware, Kensington, Twickenham, Knightsbridge, Wembley, Harrow, City of London, Croydon, Epsom and Soho.

Whatever you want from a solar panel set up on your home or business property, we can help you get the best possible return on your investment with cutting edge technology and professional installations; contact us today and we can arrange a no obligation survey and quotation with one of our specialist solar team.