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Solar Heating Panels

Solar heating panels installed onto House roof

We provide a comprehensive solar heating panel installation service for homes and business properties; get your hot water free!

Solar panel technology for a long time has been an investment many people want to make, but the numbers just do not add up with the latest grants and technology green energy has never looked so good! We install Monier Redland solar panel systems that have been designed to deliver at least 70% of your hot water purely from the power of the sun. Professionally integrated into your roof and fully connected to your hot water system just one call to our team gets the complete job done and knocks those heating bills down for years to come!

Our specialists don't only provide domestic and commercial properties with roofing services; they are also professionals in providing you with the best in solar heating panels. Call us today on 0203 7055660 to speak to our friendly team who will provide you with the information you need on any of our solar heating panels and roofing services.

The Monier range of solar water heating systems and panels is guaranteed for at least 10 years, 15 years if installed at the same time as a new roof although they can also sit on top of your current roof or be mounted onto flat walls. Meeting all British Standards and including an intelligent heat pump that tops up with energy from your regular boiler through dark winter months, we focus on installing Monier systems because we believe they are one of the best in the market.

Of course, a huge motivation for installing solar panels is to bring down your energy costs and consumption, but now there are even more financial incentives to get the UK installing solar. The new government Renewable Heat Incentive Scheme will pay anyone installing solar heating equipment a flat fee of 18p for every kW of heat energy produced, effectively creating a grant to encourage you to change and help them meet their green energy targets.

Modern solar systems are better than ever and many are developed specifically for our kind of climate, typically combining with your traditional boiler to give piping hot water through the year. Ideally situated on south facing roofs solar installations can still make a big difference to your energy bills even if they are not perfectly aligned with south and that is across the UK.

We currently provide this service for clients in Windsor, Walton, Weybridge, Sunbury, Englefield Green, Egham, Staines, Virgina Water and Esher.

For the system to work perfectly you do need a particular kind of boiler, which we are also able to arrange fitting of for you. Twin coiled hot water tanks are the ideal and quickly installed, however houses running combi boilers will need to create or find space for the hot water tank to be installed. The tank will also be brand new with much more efficient operation than your current tank.

Definitely! Installation of solar heat panels on the average home means half a tonne of CO2 is not going up into the atmosphere, nearly all the energy comes direct from the sun with minimal input from your current boiler and electricity to run the heat pump and top up through winter.

Based in Fulham, we provide properties with PV solar heating panels and flat roofing membranes that they require all over South West London. Commercial and domestic properties over a wide range of areas require our PV solar heating panels and these are areas like Shepherds Bush, Hounslow, Richmond, Edgware, Kensington, Twickenham, Bromley, Knightsbridge, Wembley, Greenford, Harrow, Hayes, Watford, Mayfair, Kingston upon Thames, City of London, Croydon, Epsom, Soho, Sutton, Chelsea and Paddington.

No matter what solar panel set up you would like installed at your home or business put it in the hands of the specialists at Advanced Roofing for the best quality products and installations throughout south west London; contact us today and we can arrange a no obligation survey and quotation with one of our expert team or answer any other questions you have.